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Successfully changed custody from mother to father of 3 year old child based on video obtained, surveillance and my testimony.

Ability to successfully be invited into any situation (public or private group, business, corporation, residence . .) to obtain information needed for multitude of circumstances. Surveillance of individuals for extended periods of time, including video inside clubs, hotels, airports, vehicles, and at lakes.

Successfully defeated claim of individual allegedly injured on job and unable to work the rest of his life. Obtained many hours of video of subject bending, running, carrying many heavy objects over his shoulder, doing extensive yard work, and owning and operating heavy haul trucks.

Successfully located and reunited numerous birth parents and children they have given up either through adoption or previous marriages or relationships.

Successful criminal defense and not guilty verdict for our client accused of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Located witnesses who had been stalked over the years by the murderer, just as he had stalked our client after a bad relationship, killed her boyfriend and then subsequently killed himself.